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People come to FIT to lose weight, and then their lives are changed. Our job is to help you understand how, and how to maintain that success.

Our bodies are designed to keep weight stable, but environmental and emotional factors have an effect on how much we eat and exercise, which can drastically skew the calories in/calories used balance. Factors that contribute you an imbalance in your body’s weight include:

  • Sleep: Lack of proper sleep slows your metabolism, increases your appetite and reduces your ability to feel satisfied from meals. Eight hours a night is the recommended number for adults.

  • Detox: The FIT weight loss program calls for greatly reduced caloric intake, which may sound drastic at first, but purging your diet of empty calories and carbohydrates leaves only nutritional foods. Often FIT’s transitional daily calorie intakes are higher than the daily nutritional calories you were consuming before FIT. Taking junk food out of your daily diet detoxifies your body, making metabolism and nutrient absorption run more properly, free of interference from toxins from chemicals, pesticides and preservatives. A toxic body doesn’t easily lose weight.

  • Exercise: Physical activity is an important component of any well-designed weight management program. It promotes fat loss and weight maintenance.

  • Fluid Intake: Drinking water is essential to weight loss. It helps metabolize fat. To get rid of excess water you must drink more water.

Multivitamins & Digestion Aids

Life’s Fortune Multi-Vitamins are all-natural food supplements that boost mental and physical productivity. Whole-food concentrates provide you with digestive enzymes, antioxidants and energy producing vitamins, minerals and herbs to facilitate proper metabolism of the body and the absorption of nutrients. These balanced nutrients supply the fuel that sparks the electric vibrations the body need to function at peak mental and physical efficiency.

Eight-five percent of your immune system is located in your digestive system. Probiotics help keep beneficial bacteria (flora) balance in the gut to ward off inflammation which causes sensitivities and low immunity. Probiotics also benefit the body by:

  • Maintaining digestive PH balance.

  • Relieving occasional heartburn.

  • Balancing hormones.

  • Supporting immune system.

  • Supporting natural digestive function.


Natural Laxatives
Advanced Naturals ColonMax is a natural laxative that relieves constipation, which is a possible side effect of prescription appetite suppressants offered at FIT. Benefits of ColonMax include:

  • Elimination of waste and toxins.

  • Promotion of normal‚ healthy bowel movements.

  • No senna or cascara sagrada fibers

Vitamins and digestive aides are not just for those who are trying to lose weight; FIT-approved nutritional aids help your body function at its best, helping ensure a balanced nutritional system.

Weekly appointments at FIT offer a support system during your weight loss journey that is extremely important to your success. We offer inspiration, encouragement, advice and a shoulder when things get tough.

Be Forever FIT!

When you reach your weight loss goal with FIT, you have earned your place in Forever FIT: a community of successful people just like you who have worked hard to improve their health.


Forever FIT is a weekly supervised maintenance program. You can’t buy it or win it, you have to earn it! You become Forever FIT by reaching and maintaining your goal weight for at least six weeks - that’s it! We want to be your FIT partner for life, so we’ll provide the help, tips, tools and support you need, and you put them to work.

You remain a member as long as you maintain your goal weight within five pounds. Being a member of the Forever FIT family includes benefits such as:

  • consultations with FIT team

  • weigh-ins anytime

  • 10% off aesthetic services

  • $5 dietary supplements

  • Monthly “FIT Inspirations” newsletter containing exclusive tips and resources



  • $5-OFF individual Vitamin B12 shots.

  • $25-OFF Vitamin B12 packages.

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