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How Do I Get Started

You have already taken the first step in getting started by logging on to learn more. We would love to have the opportunity to assist you on your weight loss journey.

To get started, simply CALL or TEXT 850.385.1105 to schedule your initial personal consultation with our medical team.


At this consultation, you and your medical team will determine the best program to FIT your lifestyle, which may or may not include a temporary appetite suppressant or weekly SEMAGLUTIDE injections to help you transition to a lasting healthy appetite and relationship with food, water, sleep and exercise.


This consultation will take about an hour in order to meet with a FIT medical professional to discuss the program and with one of our physicians if needed to finalize the best program for your body and lifestyle.


Your weight program begins with a wellness assessment that includes:

  1. an assessment of your current weight, BMI, and health status

  2. a consultation to learn about your desires and lifestyle, and to set goals

  3. a comprehensive blood panel and an electrocardiogram if needed

  4. your first weekly dose of an appetite suppressant or injection (if applicable)

  5. an Essential Vitamin B12 injection


First Appointment Requirements:

  1. Fast for six hours for necessary blood testing

  2. Wear a two-piece outfit (for EKG if needed)

  3. Do not apply any body or hand lotion before your appointment

  4. Do not wear pantyhose


We would love to be your partner on your weight loss journey!

How do i get started

Weekly Visits

Our program requires a weekly scheduled visit to talk about your progress and receive your weekly order of appetite suppressants or SEMAGLUTIDE injection and Vitamin B supplementary injections. Each weekly visit also includes review of your:

  • body mass index

  • blood pressure/heart rate

  • personal status and eating habits


Other wellness aspects of life, including a basic exercise regimen, healthy sleep habits and stress reduction will also be discussed with you.

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