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Stephanie Jansen



Stephanie is the first person to say she leads a very fulfilled, rich life. However, even with all of that, she was frustrated with her health and her appearance. Then… divine intervention. A friend she hadn’t seen in months told her about medically assisted weight loss, and Stephanie didn’t waste any time getting started.


Her journey wasn’t perfect, though. Even though she successfully lost the weight, she felt like something was missing because there was an emotional component missing. She felt healthier than she had in years, but she wanted to share her journey with others and to encourage people through the process. As FIT continues to grow, Stephanie gets to share in so many successful dreams and watch each day as more and more people become healthier and happier.


Stephanie is a proud Tallahassee native and a graduate of Leon High School and Florida State University. She and her husband Tim have two daughters — her true pride and joy. Her oldest received her undergraduate degree at the University of Georgia and her law degree at the University of Florida. Her youngest is a proud War Eagle graduate of Auburn University. Both daughters are well on their way to creating their own destinies. Stephanie and her husband are devoted to the Tallahassee community and continue to serve in numerous charitable organizations including Springtime Tallahassee, Boys Town of North Florida, Junior League of Tallahassee, The Tallahassee Ballet and the American Cancer Society — to name a few. Stephanie truly loves to entertain and open her home for social and charitable events for her beloved community.

Investing time and energy to make the world a better place and truly inspire those around her is Stephanie’s goal each and every day. She is extremely appreciative of many of her dreams that have come true and she always wants to help others make their dreams come true!

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