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Glenda Cato



A licensed interior designer by trade, Glenda has always been an entrepreneur and business owner, with years of experience in business operations and management. 


Growing up as an Air Force child made Glenda very adaptable, giving her the ability to make friends quickly and a natural enthusiasm for life. These skills have made her an invaluable asset for FIT’s clients because she wants to encourage and support people. She’s proud of the role FIT plays in helping thousands of people on their weight loss journey, and she loves being a part of those journeys.


Glenda has a wonderful family of four children, two girls, and two boys. Also, ten fabulous grandchildren, whom she enjoys visiting as much as possible. She is a member of Springtime Tallahassee, NEBA and BBBE, as well as an active volunteer for Boys Town of North Florida, the American Cancer Society and America’s Second Harvest of the Big Bend.

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