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Fluid Intake: Drinking water is essential to weight loss. It helps metabolize fat.

  1. The body does not function properly and can’t metabolize stored fat efficiently without enough water.

  2. Retained water shows up as excess weight.

  3. To get rid of excess water you must drink more water.


  • 60% of our body is made up of water and therefore is a vital key to the life of our cells.

  • Water regulates internal body temperature (sweating and respiration).

  • When we eat carbohydrates and proteins, those nutrients are metabolized and transported throughout our body via water in the bloodstream.

  • Helps kidneys to flush waste and toxins out of our body through urination.

  • Water acts as a lubricant and shock absorber for joints, the brain, spinal cord, and fetus.

  • It is the basis of what forms saliva.

  • Being hydrated leads to healthier skin because it can act as a moisturizer, creating a barrier to keep moisture in.

  • Helps to prevent constipation and maintains an overall healthy bowel.

  • It increases energy and relieves fatigue.

  • People who drink adequate amounts of water get sick less often.

  • Headaches and migraines can be a result of dehydration; drink up to reduce occurrence.

  • Water saves you money by remaining cheaper than high sugar sodas and high fat lattes!



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